WSVN 7 is reporting a vehicle burglary caught on camera that shows a woman allegedly breaking into a parked car and stealing goods worth $80,000.

According to the report, the victim’s vehicle was parked near NW 3rd Avenue and 27th Street on January 6th at approximately 10am.

OPINION:  You’ve got to be a moron to leave $80,000 worth of goods in a vehicle.  Hello.  Vehicle burglaries are among the biggest crimes (if not the biggest crime) in all of South Florida.  Why in the world would anyone leave thousands of dollars worth of valuables inside a car?  You wouldn’t do that in the safest neighborhood like Key Biscayne.  Why would you do that in Wynwood?  Unless you are dumb, don’t care about losing valuables, or are scamming an insurance claim, you simply don’t do this.

I feel sorry for the victim, but come on.  Do we not have common sense anymore?

If you have any information on this vehicle burglary, please contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305.471.TIPS.


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