Wynwood Gentrification


What makes Wynwood cool?  The beautiful street art.  The street vibe.  The casualness.

Oh.  And the affordability.

The beautiful art in what has typically been a rough part of town has made the area somewhat affordable. But success can sometimes be a double edged sword.


Wynwood is changing.  Bringing in more corporate.  More upscale.  More expensive.  And less affordable.

Is change good?  it depends.

It’s great for developers who bought some of the cheap properties and have invested millions to add luxury residences.  It’s good for people who want to live close to the action.

However, as usual, it’s not good for the young folks who may not be able to continue to afford to play, create, and work in this truly unique artistic renaissance in Miami.

Check out the Herald’s story below discussing some of the proposed changes coming to Wynwood.


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